Hashing Out Hashtags & Twitter

Our second session of Tech Tidbits revolved around Haiku Deck, Twitter hashtags, Twitter chats, and Weebly uses. Take a look at some tools we discussed…

Haiku Deck

How you use it: Haiku Deck is another option for creating presentations online. The program is web-based and user friendly. Their mission is to help people make simple, fun, and beautiful presentations. It’s been kid-tested in my room and they approve! Below is an example three of my students created.


Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app


How you use it: TweetDeck is a web-based application you can use to monitor your Twitter feed and Twitter chats easily (and kind of aggressively). If you wish to jump in on a Twitter chat like @ReallyGoodStuff’s (yes! The magazine!) weekly #TeachChat convo, TweekDeck is a great option to view the entire conversation happening in the Twitter world.



How you use them: Hashtags and Twitter go hand in hand. A hashtag collects and filters similar tweets. As The Complete Guide explains, “Picture it like a magnet that attracts all messages categorized by that topical word or phrase.” While tweeting from the Upper Elementary account, I’ve used our Osage tagline #AllInAllOsage as a hashtag. If you were to click on these tag, it would attract all the tweets with that tag. If you want to add a hashtag to your post, type the pound sign # followed by your phrase.

The Complete Guide to Hashtags for Education

Weebly (a free website platform!)

How you use it: Merrie shared how she’s transformed her classroom webpage through Weebly.

Screenshot 2014-03-06 18.01.27

In addition to this….

Merrie and Mel shared how they have students write book reviews for their SOTO 4th Graders Read blog through Weebly. Check it out here!

Screenshot 2014-03-06 18.07.18

Feeling inspired! Hope you are too.

Until we meet again!


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