No Foolin’ Here

First, I’m asking you to trust me and bookmark this link:

That was like a crazy trust exercise. {Frozen} gifs!

Our Tech Tidbits session was filled with great conversation and collaboration. Keep reading to find out more! (Maybe I can find a way to include more Frozen gifs too)

Google Drive Add Ons

Screenshot 2014-04-02 07.18.27
How do you use it? If you’ve jumped on the bandwagon of using Google Drive (Google Docs) for personal or educational use, you may find these new tools quite handy. When you’ve created a new document or spreadsheet, you have the opportunity to download “Add Ons”. My interpretation of this is making Google Drive similar to Microsoft Office. Some of the add ons include: voice translation, diagram maker, chart makers, mindmapping, and highlighting tools. There’s even a Signature add on! No more faxing documents back and forth to get a signature. You can sign from your computer! Erin shared with the group how she is using MindMeister with her strategic team. Once you download/install an add on to your Google Drive account – it’s there to stay (or we think so…). Let me know if you try out some add ons!


How do you use it? As the video describes above, Symbaloo is a visual way to collect all of your favorite links in bookmarks in one easily accessible location. Karrie is currently using this as her classroom webpage. Check it out here:  We spent the majority of our time clicking around and finding out how Symbaloo works and stumbling upon oodles of great “webmixes” created by other teachers around the country.  You do not have to have an account to explore Symbaloo, but if you do have an account you can choose between an EDU account or a regular one.  I signed up for an EDU account during our session. With an EDU account, your Symbaloo is automatically loaded with popular educational websites (Khan Academy, Edmodo, Skype, Moodle, etc.) that are updated frequently. Below you will see a screenshot of my SymbalooEDU homepage. I haven’t added any of my own links (yet), but I’m excited to get started!

Screenshot 2014-04-02 07.32.29

Lastly, Karrie has created a Symbaloo for our school PD resources. The link I shared earlier – see? That trust exercise is coming full circle now.  She’s been collecting links and documents sent electronically post staff meetings and adding those to a Symbaloo for us all to use. The links Merrie and Anna sent out last week are bookmarked and ready for you at this link:

Until next time!


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