APPally Ever After!

Our library is now the proud owner of TWO iPads!

Source: Apple Store

The bulk of our non-meeting was centered around establishing the purpose for the iPads in the library. We settled on making a list of apps for teacher use and student use. It’s quite overwhelming once you get started.

Apps to Consider:

  • iMovie
  • Haiku Deck
  • GoAnimate
  • Vine
  • Vimeo
  • Flickr (a challenge below!!)
  • Book Creator Free
  • Fluency Apps (ex: Read with Me)
  • Scholastic News
  • Motion Math
  • Sushi Monster
  • Concentration
  • States Games

The plan from here is to start loading apps on the iPads that can be used for both teachers and students. As we add apps, I will update the blog with suggestions for using these apps/programs in your classroom.  Pam will be with the gatekeeper of apps, if you have a suggestion for an app you would like to use/try – run the idea past Pam!

For example, with iMovie students can shoot film, edit, and publish a video to YouTube quite quickly!  It’s very user friendly and won’t give you  that MovieMaker-headache we’ve all endured at one time or another.

A few app-related resources to check out:

12 Apps for Every Elementary iPad

50 Fab Apps (Scholastic)

When Considering Math Apps

Lastly, I have a challenge for you.

If you choose to accept it…

We spent a chunk of our non-meeting discussing using Flickr in the classroom. Shaundra shared information and classroom application strategies regarding Flickr from a professional development conference. Melanie shared how she and Merrie would like to use Flickr to introduce photo-a-day challenges. The question is… how? That’s where my challenge comes in – I challenge you to test our Flickr with your students in some way, shape, or form. For example, I’m going to piggy back off of Mel and Merrie’s idea with the field trip and have my students snap photos with their smart phones on our field trip next week and add to our “group” Flickr.

That being said… I’m still figuring out the kinks with Flickr as of 8:32 this morning.

(This gif describes accurately my thoughts about Flickr right now…)

Here’s what I’ve narrowed down:

  • You need an account to join Flickr (you can start one through Yahoo, Google, or Facebook)
  • Per advice from a fellow Twitter user, it’s best to create a “group” in your account for students to add to.
  • Another suggestion: have students put picture taken in a common place and have one master uploader to Flickr at school

So, there you have it folks! A little run down of our Tech Tidbits non-meeting. I’m excited to see where these new tools take us. Keep me in the loop of your Flickr experimentation!



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