“One Best Thing” Book Study & Jigsaw

Recently the SOTO Tech Team submitted a proposal to the School of the Osage School Board recommending technology improvements for the entire district. You can read more about the proposal here. <—-click the word!

A part of that recommendation included replacing the 5th grade laptops with iPads. In turn, our laptops will then be reissued at the high school. Each 5th grade classroom will have 6 student iPads and one teacher iPad.

Because all seven of us are new to having iPads in our classrooms, we are jumping in headfirst and learning the most we can about using iPads effectively for our instruction. One way we are learning together is through a Jigsaw of the “One Best Thing” collection in the iBooks store. “One Best Thing” iBooks are written by Apple Distinguished Educators. Apple describes the collection of books: “Discover innovative classroom strategies and activities in these Multi-Touch books by Apple Distinguished Educators. Each guide in the One Best Thing collection highlights a specific use of Apple products, apps, and other content to transform teaching and learning. From effective assessment practices to exciting student projects, this professional learning series – devised by outstanding educators – provides practical tips and a lot of inspiration.”

As a group, we have selected which book (or books!) we would like to read and share the information on. The summary and information collected from each “One Best Thing” book will be posted on our blog.

Stay tuned!


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