Photography Inspired Writing: One Best Thing Jigsaw

Mrs. Musick recently finished reading the iBook “Photography Inspired Writing: Using iOS Photography to Inspire Struggling Writers“.  Below you will find her summary and thoughts on the iBook and how it can be used in our 5th grade classrooms.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”
Students who struggle with textual literacy are more likely to be graphically literate: they are more comfortable and fluent with languages of image, video, and other visual stimuli.    Students haven’t found the motivation to write because they haven’t been engaged in ways that get them excited.  To get students making photographs that serve as a source for writing, you are to take them on a photo walk.  A photo walk is where you travel the school, playground, etc.  and photograph anything that the student finds interesting.  After 15-30 minutes you return and your students review their images with peers and the teacher, discussing which images might serve as a basis for their writing.  In regards to editing pictures, “I tell my students they should adjust an image so that it still looks believable and credible, because, just like writing, if it is over-edited, it loses authenticity”.  Once they pick a picture, they start the writing process.
Questions to ask reluctant writers:
1.        Describe what you see in the image.
2.       What is the significance of your picture?
3.       What is your favorite part of the photo and why?
4.       What were you trying to say when you took the picture?
5.       What do you think others will see?
Free picture editor:  Snapseed

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