Using iMovie in the Social Studies Classroom

In Social Studies, we have been busy producing iMovies about early explorers.  Groups of students chose an explorer to research.   They spent several days finding information about their explorer’s life and discoveries.  Then they planned their iMovie.  The only objectives I had for the video was to include all the information from the research sheet and a time limit…and BOOM—off went the creativity of fifth graders.  I have videos that are reenactments of the explorer and the discoveries they made.  I also have videos that are newscasts where a news team is interviewing the explorer.  It was an incredible thing to watch how much they actually did learn while researching come through in the iMovie.

Some of the explorers students created iMovies about are:

Marco Polo

Francisco Pizzarro

Christopher Columbus

Ferdinand Magellan

John Smith

Hernando Cortez

Ponce De Leon

James Cook

Humphrey Gilbert

Entry by Mrs. Musick, 5th grade

Missouri Grade Level Expectation (GLE):Outline the discovery, exploration, and early settlement of America


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