Using Socrative with 6 iPads

This post comes to you from 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Elley. Read on to see how she’s used the app Socrative in her classroom!

Assessing with Socrative…some great discoveries!

I was inspired by recent posts to the Socrative website (


Thank you note to Zach Paul for field trip.


  1. Send Quick Question to students
  2. Orally ask, “What was your favorite part of the trip?”
  3. Students respond individually
  4. Copy and paste answers into Word Clouds app
  5. Adjust colors, etc
  6. Add as an image to printed message
  7. Email thank you note.

Cloud types assessment


  1. Find and save images of clouds
  2. Create quiz and add images of clouds
  3. Send quiz to students
  4. View real time results
  5. Get spreadsheet of all answers for data analysis
  6. Get individual student pdf for grading and sharing

Data analysis of test


  1. Show students graphs of test scores
  2. Send Quick Question “What does the data show?” to students
  3. Student teams discuss and type in their thoughts
  4. Project teacher screen onto SMARTboard using airserver (this pic is the report you get later; I didn’t think to take a screenshot)
  5. Discuss common themes in analysis.

Exit ticket

exit ticket

  1. Just send Exit Ticket to students.
  2. Give them question #3 on board.
  3. Used after the unit intro to see what questions they still had.
  4. Results in real time and printed later.

But I only have 6 iPads……

  • Have students give quick answer, submit and then pass the iPad
  • Have student teams discuss ideas and then write one down
  • Take a sample of the class. Using some one day and then some the next
  • Have an alternate activity while some are on the iPad.
  • Get keyboards…they type faster that way
  • Borrow iPads from another teacher who is not using them 😀

Try Socrative, you’ll like it!


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